Faculty of science- Cairo University


In 2010, I began my journey to secure my BSc degree from the Faculty of science at Cairo University. I majored in Physics and Astronomy.  I graduated 4 years later. 

A year after graduation, I applied for an Astrophysics pre-master degree and started working as a teaching assistant for 4 months at Zewail City of Science and Technology and then for another ~2 years at the Astronomy Department at Cairo University. 

I also started applying to master's programs around the UK. I was accepted into the MSc Physics (with extended research) program at Imperial College London. I completed my MSc degree in 2019 with Distinction. I started my PhD in September 2019 at the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London. 

Activities and interests

I am a fan of video games mainly RPG, open-world games. 

I enjoy making digital art e.g. digital painting, colouring, video editing..etc.

I enjoy physical activity and my preferred sporty-activities are strength training, running and hiking.